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We live in a world besieged by information. Information is provided on countless topics from countless sources, every day, all day. Information provision is defined as a process through which information is provided to individuals or groups of individuals without any customisation or purpose-specialisation of content, information, or the methods through which these are delivered (IGI Global, 2020). Information ranges from content generated from credible sources, to content generated from unverified, sensationalist and biased sources. In recent years, the latter has come to be known as “fake news”, defined as false information which appears to be news, spread via the internet or through other media platforms, generally created to influence political opinions or as a joke (Cambridge Dictionary, 2020).

Given the global challenges around untrustworthy information, SAFMH strives to maintain its reputation as a reliable source of information on mental health issues, as defined by the University of Georgia (2019) as “one that provides a thorough, well-researched theory, argument, discussion etc, based on strong evidence”. As the largest national mental health federation in South Africa, and due to the fact that a) approximately one third of South Africans will experience a common mental disorder in their lifetime (Ackerman et al, 2019), b) 75% of those affected do not access available treatments and c) neuropsychiatric disorders being the 3rd highest contributor to the overall South African disease burden, after HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases (Department of Health, 2013), it is essential that SAFMH develops and publishes high-quality information on an ongoing basis.


Please note that SAFMH is not a hospital, residential facility, a counselling line or a crisis line. SAFMH is always willing to assist with information regarding mental health services.

Policies & Legislation

Gain can access to a number of mental health related policies and legislative documents we have compiled for our website visitors. Click on the “Learn More” button below to view these documents.

Mental Health Forms

Gain access and download the relevant forms you need to fill in, in order to admit a loved one to a mental health facility, report abuse in a Mental Health Care Facility or dispute an unfair dismissal claim with the CCMA.

Human Rights

Mental disabilities form part of the overall disability sector and are protected under all the relevant policies and legislation that aims to protect the rights of persons with disabilities.

Mental Disorders Fact Sheets

At SAFMH we believe in providing you with the information you need to help you know more about the various mental disorders. Gain access to, view and download our mental disorder facts sheets.


SAFMH regularly creates mental health infographics. Please feel free to download and share the below infographics. Please note that these infographics belong to SAFMH’s intellectual property.

SAFMH Annual Reports

The South African Federation for Mental Health (SAFMH) actively works with the community to achieve the highest possible level of mental health for all across South Africa through multiple platforms.

Useful Links

Given the global challenges around untrustworthy information, SAFMH strives to maintain its reputation as a reliable source of information on mental health issues and provides access to mental health resource links.

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